The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,868 – Sep 21 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Airmen soaring, circling Italy, having good weather FAIR
Blogger exercised about date and name of variations GOLDBERG
Call up about fire in the sky EMPYREAN
Carbon and carbonised material? Support monetary incentive CASHBACK
Cheerful judge I found in cricket venue JOVIAL
English navigator recalled wonderful feature of fish BAFFIN
Fellows scored after upsetting drink DECAFF
Figure in geometry, German expert brought over in care of academic DECAGON
Fool in book almost split symbol with stave BASSCLEF
Group taking a bit to produce special item SETPIECE
I find I am almost nuts, crazy for ever ADINFINITUM
Insulting the powerful? Not exactly seemly to include a joke LESEMAJESTY
Leave talk, missing one truthful statement GOSPEL
Lots of flowers are found in Greek territories GARLANDS
Money running short when raised for factory machine LOOM
Nasty leader deposed, as should be the case RIGHTFUL
New promotion about part of plane cut down in next to no time NANOSECOND
Religious service affecting godli­ness? Not the first third of it RITUAL
Rich fools about to accept dodgy myth on a regular basis RHYTHMIC
Slender volume bound in steel, unexpectedly SVELTE
Small area of land is left reduced by 50% ISLE
Succeed in taking out middle of red target and shout EXCLAIM
Transmit over the internet stories about five players — that’s about right LIVESTREAM
Urine not analysed for tiny particle NEUTRINO
Very fierce about women using bad language SWEARING
With a couple of swaps, group of performers performs ACTS

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