The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,869 – Sep 22 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
19th-century intellectual’s works MILL
Accept nurses consume whiskey in very sticky period HEATWAVE
Area between two vehicles on special convoys CARAVANS
Black drops from a rain cloud giving bad feeling ANIMUS
Boris’s tips for the across solutions here BANDS
Cheat at football without right motivation DRIVE
Club and hotel in old Roman town BATH
Disheartened, throw accordion gently? It’s sounding like a guitar TWANGY
Dismissive comment by two Americans about university design school BAUHAUS
Emotionally exhausted in triumph or defeat OVERCOME
Inspirational figure’s catty comments overheard MUSE
Inspiring love, blonde bombshell actress entrances DOORS
Jewellery from Britain and its ancient inhabitants BANGLES
Make vague promo for jacket with no back BLUR
Married couple tucking into pastry dish in foil THWART
One breaking stone ground at that place ONSITE
Place for refreshment, old and without changes OASIS
Preserve body part nursed by sick Parisian MARMALADE
Rage-filled policeman features in predicament DIRE
Religious father figure rabbi had to disrobe ABBA
Rinse off residue of fire in vacant Wichita street WASHAWAY
Roast starter of smoked meat cut SLAM
Soldiers, crook and even rogue meet again RECONVENE
Studies concerning marketing tools READS
They look mischievous, poking far-sighted people Searchers
They may be on the drink __ or the drink may be on them! COASTERS
Trump initially in near enlightened state NIRVANA
With dull clothing, red or very white BLANCHED
Women act poorly in bash WHAM

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