The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,870 – Sep 23 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Beneath loose pants, grip is inferior UNDERSTRAPPING
Bird regrettably chokes EGRET
Bitterness shown by Turkey abandoning Mediterranean port in campaign GALLIPOLI
Border gradually moving EDGING
Chap stopping fool in afternoon meal getting some water TASMANSEA
Corridor covered with it __ rising fungus and lichen, say THALLI
Deceiving band in double-cross that’s been planned throughout STRINGINGALONG
Embellished by dodgy press dude DRESSEDUP
English easy about rubbish BILGE
European tax-based changes more than sufficient to encourage antisocial behaviour SETABADEXAMPLE
Explains about constant contributors to immune response TCELLS
Final flag hoisted above ship’s stern, done in desperation at the eleventh hour LASTGASP
For example, a toothbrush might initially get rid of persistent pain MOUSTACHE
Heartless upstart right to cut gas for which there’s no charge NEUTRON
High-altitude bases offering exceptional aspect from Alps SPACEPLATFORMS
Idyllic spot in Sudan axed following setback XANADU
Ignoring poll, shouted about celebrity with a glossy exterior ENAMELLED
In seconds, forget about people slain with daggers OBELI
Large old ship that’s broad and slow LARGO
Moderate team primarily needing a goal to equalise? TONEDOWN
Negative duo that won’t bond on record is entering retreat LONEPAIR
Old bandmaster provided by America SOUSA
Pseudo switched, heading for interdisciplinary church organisation OPUSDEI
Refuse working with internat­ional telecom pioneer MARCONI
Ruin, perhaps as a march crushes Left DEMOLISH
Son of David rating peace for Israel __ that’s not hard ABSALOM
Steak essentially rubbery in quality TBONE
Turkey with plain dressing served around northern resort LLANDUDNO

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