The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,875 – Sep 29 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Agreed soldiers got into drugs? One won’t appeal EYESORE
Anxiety, when taking off top to show boob ERROR
Artist framing outline of outermost hill is Turner ROTATOR
Behind award for actor’s moving finale ABAFT
Challenge for the ambitious governor disheartened by casual staff GREASYPOLE
Chatterbox knocked back six-pack in silence GASBAG
Content to leave awful jelly, one often potted ALKY
Cuban piece of cake with no duplicated ingredients? RUMBA
Discrimination in America is set in stone AGEISM
Epic account of parliament newspaper brought up ILIAD
Ever fashionable daughter tried to lose weight DATELESS
Hasten to hide US casualty in screen again RERUN
It’s heard before getting off punishment, caught in plots with politician BEDTIMESTORY
Let into Duke University after good grade ADMIT
Maiden needing cool river around part of summer INAUGURAL
My new beau, naked, is a bit of a looker CORNEA
One keeps pride in check, changing into more pathetic clothes LIONTAMER
Person setting up in coalpit, working with earth in the centre? PTOLEMAIC
Princess penning a recipe, which may involve chops KARATE
Rip off Billy or Jacob’s coat FLEECE
Route by either end of Warwick? It gets assessed COURSEWORK
Saints clad in undies kiss cheek BRASSNECK
Smashed head of suction hose TIGHTS
The best solver gets a biscuit CREAMCRACKER
This is coloured, but not evenly CLUE
Understanding there’s nothing odd about Lennie drinking wine ENTENTE
Use force on infamous cyclist when cycling STRONGARM
Was busy with a light that needs fixing? BUSTLED
Went to deposit part of capital LEFTBANK
With hair up, French girl meeting king is one putting on a pretty coat ENAMELLER

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