The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,879 – Oct 4 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Answers concerning legal wrongs RETORTS
Being in love changes demeanour ENAMOURED
Broadcast game that’s enjoyed by those about to fly? AIRBRIDGE
Chorister apt to go wrong in a musical environment ORCHESTRAPIT
Coolness of river with compacted snow around NERVE
Entry of one political party that’s mean INFLOW
Fail in court to reveal secret CLOSET
Fear of treater of nippers (perhaps nip too bad — ooh, nasty!) ODONTOPHOBIA
Female repeatedly wearing short garment that’s yellowy orange SAFFRON
Fine distinction going round is something that annoys us NUISANCE
Ghosts begin to shudder, encountering hell SHADES
Harped on with rot about king making comeback Yacked
I dance endlessly around as fantastic terpsichorean ISADORADUNCAN
Intense climbing in rock sport SPEEDWAY
Legendary king has home with gold foundation NESTOR
Nothing grim that we might sense ODOUR
Old Irish king and bishop relaxed in arbour BRIANBORU
Opposing democratic countries getting expressions of disapproval CONDEMNATIONS
Outline of one book contained in rambling screed DESCRIBE
Part of Italy, see, getting irritable with invasion of British LOMBARDY
Particular star’s upward movement, receiving medal finally SOLAR
Political critic given two British honours by broadcaster CHOMSKY
Religious upset in unorthodox Celtic circle ECLIPTIC
This setter’s over the hill — a serious difficulty IMPASSE
Today’s naughty children must be completely successful! UNBEATEN
Welcome given to Jagger? It’s a bit icy HAILSTONE
What drawer uses to give touch of colour to material? CRAYON
Wild beast from India very quietly smuggled into house HIPPO

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