The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,882 – Oct 7 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
A for Aristotle ALPHA
Arab will be in Italy tomorrow, dropping off daughter OMANI
Bed’s base son breaks ROOST
Being a sport, send quick mess­age to practise at first on golf PINGPONG
Bunch adopting affected attitudes? POSY
Can’t find source of whisky young lady drinks MISLAYS
Chubby lad’s bottom almost all visible in cast off PUTTOSEA
Come back to host a second game, perhaps REPLAY
Country recipe with a so-called fish RWANDA
Does she have half a case against heartless employer? ACCUSER
Don’t go to bed, taking in English poet YEATS
Face having to use an old phone? DIAL
Fast speed over endlessly polluted air in a show of swagger MACHISMO
Gang of criminals send a city wild SYNDICATE
Go out of this world, say, in zero visibility PEASOUPER
Gone astray, I have picked up old clothes DEVIATED
Growth of college power POLYP
In fact, two hands should be replaced by another professional ACTUARY
Iodine for one upset (not terminally sick) patient ANTISEPTIC
Joiner featured in a Shakespeare play, though not much at the start AND
King beginning to attack last rebels in the north ATHELSTAN
Moony features of musical girl I just met MARIA
Pagans adding verse to biblical book VIKINGS
Poorly, cutting last visit as distasteful UNWELCOME
Remove section of enormous table OUST
Sauce like this always served up SOYA
Settlement: the last to pay COLONY
Sound of keys rattling in prison CLINK
Stagger back to the rear as big bird comes over ROCK
Such a screwdriver very attractive? Not quite SONIC
Use mouse to follow movement that keeps players together CLICKTRACK
Very funny sex with a Dolores LOLITA
Widow may have one quick look when speaking PEAK

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