The Guardian – Cryptic crossword No 28,923 – Nov 24 2022 Crossword Solutions

Clues Answers
African fish’s name maybe grasped by sailors RWANDAN
Banking centre, say, raised what’s held in Russian banks GENEVA
Blunt answer’s received about legislative measure JOINTRESOLUTION
Boxing a long time, clobber despicable people TOERAGS
Cash returns for Jack, say TOOL
Conservative going kind of pink, concerned with speech ORAL
Demanding person from Oldham needing a break? EXACTOR
Establishing distance from two directions before time rambling ESTRANGING
Gaudy little skirts are popular with consumers TINSELLY
Invest and invest, investing reserve STANDIN
Liking less parking in transport ENCHANT
Many runs perhaps in Twenty20? SCORES
One nameless dreamer with a bouquet AROMATIC
One showing Mary pastry case from trattoria PIETA
Opener gets run out in captivating draw STARTURN
Passion dominates game, we hear, in pointless tennis position LOVECONQUERSALL
Performing twice in Tosca is stimulating for a soloist? ONANISTIC
Person grilling odd sandwiches is not out to lunch QUESTIONER
Plain Welsh seaside resort, no dud LLANO
Refurbished loo contains very old moulding OVOLO
Revolutionary Communist wears brown, without exception TOAMAN
Screen star in a period of abstention cutting alcohol VALENTINO
Shrewder retaining ball, male player WOMANISER
Son has ice cream or small cake SCONE
Spy Indian princess rejecting article without thanks MATAHARI
Take in various keys, say, and polish roughly ISLANDHOP
Thoroughly soppy git by place of retreat SODDEN
What reprobates do after some tobacco’s in pocket QUIDSIN

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