The Guardian – Quick crossword No 14,926 – Mar 10 2018

Clues Answers
Anger — fashion RAGE
Attack violently ASSAIL
Buchan’s 1915 novel has 39 of them STEPS
Data included in cricket statistics AVERAGES
Difficult question POSER
Edible nut like a smooth walnut PECAN
Extremely unpleasant EXECRABLE
Fifty-fifty EVENS
Give back RETURN
Infliction of great suffering TORTURE
Listen attentively LENDANEAR
Most expensive theatre seats STALLS
Clues Answers
Pain in the head EARACHE
Person living off various dubious schemes SPIV
Phrase used to emphasise admiration or surprise NOLESS
Principal source of control over any complex activity NERVECENTRE
Senselessly cruel BRUTAL
Sycophant LACKEY
Traditional story LEGEND
Trembling AQUIVER
Underwear SMALLS
Vera Lynn was sure there would always be one ENGLAND
Wake later than intended SLEEPIN
Warhorse CHARGER

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