The Guardian – Quick crossword No 14,930 – Mar 15 2018

Clues Answers
Black widow or redback? SPIDER
Common viral disease INFLUENZA
Dissolve (business) LIQUIDATE
Done without thinking AUTOMATIC
Feast of Saint Stephen BOXINGDAY
Fish — dull meter (anag) REDMULLET
Greek cheese FETA
Highest peak in Japan FUJI
Lap — beat hollow LICK
Large spiny rodent PORCUPINE
Midday NOON
Clues Answers
Old settlement, now deserted GHOSTTOWN
One-piece Roman wrap TOGA
Play ___ (from school?) HOOKEY
Potential danger HAZARD
Ravenous monster — nagging woman HARPY
River and estuary in eastern Scotland FORTH
Sockeye, the swimmer SALMON
Substance used in vegetarian cookery TOFU
Take on EMPLOY
Thin sliver of wood SPLINT
Transmit RELAY
When Solomon Grundy was married WEDNESDAY
Withdraw (as one’s hairline does) RECEDE

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