The Guardian – Quick crossword No 14,931 – Mar 16 2018

Clues Answers
Caribbean island linked with Barbuda ANTIGUA
Cause to lose hearing DEAFEN
Considerate of others ACCOMMODATING
Created for a particular purpose ADHOC
Despicable type (of insect?) LOUSE
Formal proposal for debate MOTION
Furiously LIKEMAD
Gastronomes FOODIES
Hallucinogenic fungus MAGICMUSHROOM
Horrendous DIRE
Increase AUGMENT
Japanese hostess GEISHA
Clues Answers
Male perspiration? SWEAT
Map book ATLAS
Peruvian beast of burden LLAMA
Pizza dough turnover CALZONE
Principality between France and Spain ANDORRA
Scarcely detectable amount IOTA
Shrub with showy flowers AZALEA
Subtle difference NUANCE
Time off LEISURE
Two-masted sailing boat KETCH
Unhealthy preoccupation with one thing MONOMANIA
Walk like a duck WADDLE
Where to pick up the Guardian? NEWSSTAND

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