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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 14,932 – Mar 17 2018

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Clues Answers
City in south-west Spain, famous for sherry JEREZ
Confederate state during the American Civil War ALABAMA
Cuban cigar HAVANA
Discontinue a relationship SPLIT
Dried up WIZENED
Exceed in figures OUTNUMBER
Exceptionally good CRACKERJACK
Harsh — corrosive CAUSTIC
Honest (abbr) LEGIT
Human joints ELBOWS
In the past AGO
Known globally WORLDFAMOUS
Clues Answers
Monstrous sea creature LEVIATHAN
Nice country! FRANCE
Person of beauty, purity or kindness? ANGEL
Posh milliner or dressmaker MODISTE
Pretentiously imposing — organised (anag) GRANDIOSE
Relating to the large bony frame at the base of a human spine PELVIC
Saucer in the sky? UFO
Shackled workers? CHAINGANG
Take more than one’s share HOG
Tedious routine RUT
Touting for business without an appointment COLDCALLING
Underwater bomb DEPTHCHARGE