The Guardian – Quick crossword No 14,935 – Mar 21 2018

Clues Answers
Baked dish filled with fruit or custard FLAN
Bulbous herb used in cooking GARLIC
Cattle meat BEEF
Classical (abbr) TRAD
Duplicity FRAUD
Enticing source of pleasure HONEYPOT
Feverish FEBRILE
Food fish MACKEREL
Framework to support a flat surface — letters (anag) TRESTLE
Group of widely spoken languages of southern Africa BANTU
Healthy SOUND
Idiot NANA
Clues Answers
Idiot — haunted Tom (anag) MUTTONHEAD
Likely to drop off at any moment NARCOLEPTIC
Majestic — spacious PALATIAL
Make sounds (but not necessarily words) UTTER
Meaning the same SYNONYMOUS
More disgusting NASTIER
Murder DOIN
Orinoco, Wellington, Bulgaria etc WOMBLES
Potter’s furnace KILN
Sex (slang) NOOKIE
Travelling at less than Mach 1 SUBSONIC

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