The Guardian – Quick crossword No 14,936 – Mar 22 2018

Clues Answers
Bust split CLEAVAGE
Close-fitting padded jacket of Tudor and Stuart England DOUBLET
Colour of ripe lemons YELLOW
Device that signals when a car is slowing BRAKELIGHT
Discompose UNSETTLE
Fashion designer Christian, famous for his 1947 New Look DIOR
Fragrance AROMA
Freshwater turtle TERRAPIN
Heedless BLITHE
House plant, popular at Christmas — tiniest OAP (anag) POINSETTIA
Most desirable OPTIMAL
Clues Answers
Not a sausage NONE
Not touched by a blue pencil? UNCENSORED
Old fashioned and conservative FUDDYDUDDY
Quality cut of beef SIRLOIN
Rain cloud NIMBUS
Suggestive dance — reduce to fine particles GRIND
Sweet variety of tangelo from Jamaica UGLI
Thin unleavened pancake TORTILLA
Unable to speak DUMB
Unfledged pigeon SQUAB
Unsprung roll-up mattress FUTON
Without difficulty EASILY

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