The Guardian – Quick crossword No 14,937 – Mar 23 2018

Clues Answers
Barrier where payment is demanded to go further TOLLGATE
Concern — extramarital relationship AFFAIR
Distressed FRETFUL
Dolly Parton’s genre? COUNTRYMUSIC
Farewell ADIEU
Fermented honey drink MEAD
Give off EMIT
Go up and down YOYO
Hidden, ticketless voyager STOWAWAY
Kill intentionally SLAY
Long overnight flight REDEYE
Clues Answers
New York’s theatreland BROADWAY
One of two hairy facial features EYEBROW
Pastoral RURAL
Peg that stops the vent of a cask SPIGOT
Plain clothes MUFTI
Professional instrumentalist MUSICIAN
Regular payment STIPEND
Small brownish songbird HEDGESPARROW
Something for the very young to bite — getting her in (anag) TEETHINGRING
State categorically ASSERT
State — win my go (anag) WYOMING
Temperamental — capricious MOODY

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