The Guardian – Quick crossword No 14,940 – Mar 26 2018

Clues Answers
Ballet pose on one leg ARABESQUE
Basic commodity for which demand is constant STAPLE
Bowler’s approach RUNUP
Chef’s instructions RECIPE
Cowardly GUTLESS
Finnish steam bath SAUNA
Group of islands in the middle of the north Atlantic AZORES
Group such as the Beatles QUARTET
Hold spellbound RAVISH
Horse that can go the distance STAYER
Imitative behaviour APERY
Impure form of quartz, used as a gemstone AGATE
Clues Answers
In myth, a plant whose fruit induced forgetfulness LOTUS
Ionian island CORFU
Landlocked country, an Asian soviet before 1991, capital Yerevan ARMENIA
Of several different kinds VARIOUS
Position on a scale RATING
Proportionately PRORATA
Remove from membership EXPEL
Smiling in an affected and silly way SIMPERING
The box TVSET
Thin slice SLIVER
Victoria Falls river ZAMBEZI

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