The Guardian – Quick crossword No 14,944 – Mar 30 2018

Clues Answers
Boring documents and written information BUMPH
Colour — to be gentler (anag) BOTTLEGREEN
Creamy white IVORY
Distinctive characteristic STREAK
Drastic — limit EXTREME
Female rubber? MASSEUSE
Household servant (often faithful and old!) RETAINER
Lamps — daffodils BULBS
Make something distasteful seem more palatable? SUGARCOAT
Mawkish SOPPY
Messenger of the gods HERMES
Clues Answers
Monk’s mule (anag) — eg honeydew MUSKMELON
Old Testament book of sacred songs PSALMS
On the house GRATIS
Part of a rock formation above the surface OUTCROP
Remedy CURE
Substance that alchemists believed could turn base metals into gold ELIXIR
Support attached to the side of a chair ARMREST
Unsettle PERTURB
Urban area larger than a village TOWN
Very little to eat — goodness gracious me! CRUMBS
Wildcat — loo etc (anag) OCELOT
Young rascal — horror TERROR

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