The Guardian – Quick crossword No 14,948 – Apr 4 2018

Clues Answers
A small drink of liquor SHOT
Act quite inappropriately for the occasion STRIKETHE
American author of the Tarzan stories, d.1950 EDGARRICE
Artist’s model SITTER
Bird — flying toy KITE
Caught — picked up HEARD
Close SHUT
Concurs AGREES
Cut with blows HEWED
Deep, narrow gorge RAVINE
Departs LEAVES
Episcopate BISHOPRIC
Eucharist, for example SACRAMENT
Clues Answers
Excites ROUSES
Flowerless plant with feathery fronds FERN
French artist known for his ballet scenes, d.1917 DEGAS
Group of those of approximately the same age — Roman military unit COHORT
Ignore (anag) — expanse of land REGION
Large number (of ants?) ARMY
Medication DRUG
Remove objects from the table after a meal CLEARAWAY
Seedy nightclubs DIVES
Spots ACNE
Uncontrolled anger TEMPER
Wrong — twisted to one side AWRY

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