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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 14,949 – Apr 5 2018

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Clues Answers
(Spanish) womaniser DONJUAN
Anything worthless DROSS
Become less sympathetic HARDEN
City hosting the 1996 Olympics ATLANTA
Day of rest SABBATH
Distinctive attitudes of a people ETHOS
Far from certain UNSURE
Fighter — bully BRUISER
Flattering inducements BLANDISHMENTS
I’m sad (anag) — king of Phrygia MIDAS
I’m so new (anag) — attractive WINSOME
Clues Answers
Leaks slowly SEEPS
Murder of a public figure ASSASSINATION
Norse god of thunder THOR
Proverbially greedy seabird GANNET
Solution ANSWER
Spins round ROTATES
Star showing a sudden, brief increase in luminosity NOVA
Subject someone to stressful indoctrination BRAINWASH
Substantial branch of a tree BOUGH
Surpassed OUTDONE
Sword (that may be rattled) SABRE
Tender or romantic emotion SENTIMENT