The Guardian – Quick crossword No 14,956 – Apr 13 2018

Clues Answers
(Of a river) very fast flowing Inspate
Alcoholic drink CIDER
Catches in the act NABS
College treasurer BURSAR
Competitors entered for a race STARTERS
Czech author of The Trial, d.1924 KAFKA
Forgive EXCUSE
Frighten SCARE
Gets into a snug position SNUGGLES
Kitchen utensil KETTLE
Lay hold of GRASP
Lively old sailors’ dance HORNPIPE
Living organism, such as a shrub PLANT
Clues Answers
Meditate — throw back REFLECT
North-east Indian tea state ASSAM
Old Spanish coins PIECESOFEIGHT
Permanent LASTING
Piece of table linen NAPKIN
Reservoir for oil etc SUMP
River flowing into the Severn AVON
Roman goddess of the hunt DIANA
South American country ECUADOR
Spirit of Russia VODKA
Under no circumstances NOTONYOURLIFE

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