The Guardian – Quick crossword No 14,959 – Apr 17 2018

Clues Answers
A common viral infection? COLD
Activity of imagining improbable things FANTASY
Annoyed VEXED
Arms and legs LIMBS
Coppers PENCE
Destroy utterly EXTERMINATE
Ditch dug to protect a castle MOAT
Have in mind MEAN
Increases speed GATHERSPACE
Clues Answers
Lachrymose TEARY
Make more complete FILLOUT
Most foolish SILLIEST
Propriety of conduct DECORUM
Resemblance LIKENESS
Steadily continuing a task despite difficulties PERSEVERING
Stepped TROD
Tending to discourage — I bit hero VIP (anag) PROHIBITIVE
Text written for an opera LIBRETTO
Vegetable PARSNIP

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