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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 14,966 – Apr 25 2018

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Clues Answers
Alloy of copper and more tin than in bronze — tell Melba (anag) BELLMETAL
Always popular EVERGREEN
Bernard ___ , pioneer of radio astronomy, d. 2012 LOVELL
Bright red pigment VERMILION
Calm and unemotional STOLID
Categories SORTS
Cigarette end STUB
Claimant (to a throne) PRETENDER
Contends VIES
Cover on a car wheel HUBCAP
Duck — dark greenish-blue TEAL
Extensive and indiscriminate WHOLESALE
Fairground barker’s exhortation ROLLUP
Female follower of Bacchus MAENAD
Clues Answers
Heart rate PULSE
Horizontal beam over a doorway LINTEL
Overhanging roof edges EAVES
Plentiful supply ABUNDANCE
Prohibited FORBIDDEN
Rigorous — harsh SEVERE
River of Florence and Pisa ARNO
Scottish lake LOCH
Self-centredness EGOISM
Sheet glass cut for windows PANES
Thailand, formerly SIAM
Wet weather RAIN
Wheelchair access? RAMP
Young bird FLEDGLING