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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 14,984 – May 16 2018

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Clues Answers
Amateur LAYMAN
Boisterousness HIGHJINKS
Cold and unwelcoming BLEAK
Colour knotted fabrics with swirling patterns TIEDYE
Complain MOAN
Cook in water BOIL
Credit KUDOS
Dog (seen in a parlour?) POODLE
Exaggeration for effect HYPERBOLE
Food — larva GRUB
Gather into wrinkles PUCKER
Going without garments NUDITY
Clues Answers
Grade TIER
Indecent VULGAR
Insincere talk — slope CANT
Lightweight thermoplastic POLYTHENE
Men, women and children PEOPLE
Ramble without purpose ROAM
Rudimentary PRIMITIVE
Something of little value BAGATELLE
To a superlative extent BYFAR
Turn back REWIND
Visual pun REBUS
Volatile situation TINDERBOX
Washing machine or toaster, say APPLIANCE