Clues Answers
Birmingham Brum
Camping equipment TENTPEG
Clandestine HUSHHUSH
Conciseness BREVITY
Court order restricting anti-social behaviour ASBO
Deciduous tree with smooth grey bark BEECH
Dirigible AIRSHIP
Hard round sweet GOBSTOPPER
Large constellation — sign of the zodiac VIRGO
Like a walk in the park? EASY
Liquid used in making soda bread — I’m Burt Kelt (anag) BUTTERMILK
Lively person — feasible idea GOER
Clues Answers
Musical scale — more inky (anag) MINORKEY
Positive expectation HOPE
Stand-in medic LOCUM
Sticks for lame people CRUTCHES
Stingy hoarder MISER
Strip or small cube of fatty bacon LARDON
Stylishness CHIC
Subordinate MINION
The Charge of the Light Brigade poet TENNYSON
Unexplained problem or fault GREMLIN