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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 14,997 – May 31 2018

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Clues Answers
Audio file distributed over the internet PODCAST
Change for the better REFORM
Colourless gas, O₃ OZONE
Covering for the face VEIL
Diaphragm area MIDRIFF
Drain SAP
Eichmann’s given name ADOLF
Excessively greedy VORACIOUS
Fireplace INGLE
Fireproof device at the front of a theatre stage SAFETYCURTAIN
German philosopher, d. 1831 HEGEL
Kind of duck MALLARD
Make less clear BLUR

Clues Answers
North-west US state bordering Canada MONTANA
Of the spirit ETHEREAL
On the other side of the page OVERLEAF
Presiding officer CHAIRMAN
Put on DON
Reason behind an action MOTIVE
Road surface TARMAC
Salacious PRURIENT
Small bird with yellow and black wings GOLDFINCH
Small Scottish island INCH
Superhero, Robin’s partner BATMAN
Tablet computer from Apple IPAD
Top-level conference SUMMITMEETING