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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,015 – Jun 21 2018

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Clues Answers
Breadbasket (informal) STOMACH
Breathe out EXHALE
Cash — a desire (anag) READIES
Corrupt DEBASE
Detachment forcing civilians into the navy PRESSGANG
Do away with ABOLISH
Do do something completely GOTHEWHOLEHOG
Droop SAG
First king of Israel SAUL
Flirtatious woman COQUETTE
Food (informal) EATS
French singer, the Little Sparrow, d. 1963 PIAF
Clues Answers
Giving adequate return for the outlay COSTEFFICIENT
Hatred (anag) — shortage DEARTH
Herring, salted and smoked BLOATER
Lacking in aesthetic judgement TASTELESS
No longer in the land of Nod AWAKE
Praise highly EXALT
Puts on — lecturers DONS
Refined — well educated CULTURED
To the smallest degree LEAST
Unauthorised disclosures of information LEAKS
Until later FORNOW
Young lion CUB