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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,019 – Jun 26 2018

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Clues Answers
Australian ranch CATTLESTATION
Author of Go Set a Watchman, d. 2016 — paler here (anag) HARPERLEE
Captain of the Nautilus NEMO
Caricatured APED
Category CLASS
Central American country PANAMA
Disadvantage HANDICAP
Domesticated cavy GUINEAPIG
Empirical procedure TRIALANDERROR
Form of jazz from the 1940s BOP
Former name of Ho Chi Minh City SAIGON
Learner PUPIL
Clues Answers
Lepidopterous floater, apian stinger, d. 2016 ALI
Liquid mixture of two or more substances SOLUTION
Nullified NEGATED
Old King Cole’s trio FIDDLERS
Part of a wicket LEGSTUMP
Passed through a sieve SIFTED
Portent OMEN
Prognosticator PROPHET
Trees providing syrup MAPLES
Type of butterfly TORTOISESHELL