The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,020 – Jun 27 2018

Clues Answers
Bovine creatures OXEN
Boxing contest BOUT
Break in continuity HIATUS
Capital of Mozambique MAPUTO
Cornish fishing village, flooded in 2004 — obstacles (anag) BOSCASTLE
Devon-Cornwall boundary river TAMAR
Eager to be moving on HOTTOTROT
Feather QUILL
Fine woollen yarn MERINO
French ‘sparkler’ CHAMPAGNE
German semi-automatic pistol LUGER
Highly seasoned stew RAGOUT
Clues Answers
Impoverished POOR
Indian Ocean island country MAURITIUS
Italian ‘sparkler’ ASTI
Large falcon PEREGRINE
Long solo speech MONOLOGUE
More extended LONGER
Motor racing over rough terrain AUTOCROSS
Numbers puzzle SUDOKU
Polynesian garlands LEIS
Signals to actors CUES
Silent QUIET
U2’s star vocalist BONO
Watched carefully MONITORED
Word such as ‘word’ NOUN

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