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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,034 – Jul 13 2018

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Clues Answers
Amount of land ACREAGE
Author of The Remains of the Day ISHIGURO
Baleen whale RORQUAL
Bird of prey KITE
Brusque ABRUPT
Busily working HARDATIT
Cowardly YELLOW
Express eager enjoyment ENTHUSE
Foxtrot follower GOLF
Great sadness HEARTACHE
Harass vocally HECKLE
Legendary female warriors AMAZONS
Material for violin strings CATGUT
Clues Answers
Pakistani curry dish, originating perhaps in 1970s’ Birmingham BALTI
Principal city of Siberia — UK skirt (anag) IRKUTSK
Relating to flowers FLORAL
Selected CHOSEN
Short-legged hound BASSET
Smelling salts SALVOLATILE
Soothing RESTFUL
Strong and heavy in build BURLY
Underskirt PETTICOAT
Very much NOEND
Zigzag ski race SLALOM