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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,037 – Jul 17 2018

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Clues Answers
An eye for an eye TITFORTAT
Dark purplish colour — eg restyle (anag) STEELGREY
Decline EBB
Dignity in bearing and appearance GRAVITAS
Discard REJECT
Edible animal viscera OFFAL
Examiner of boundaries and structures SURVEYOR
Female marching baton-twirler DRUMMAJORETTE
Fired clay slab TILE
Foolish superstitions OLDWIVESTALES
French-owned German car manufacturer OPEL
Humorous five-line verse LIMERICK
Clues Answers
Injure underlying soft tissue or bone BRUISE
Legendary Romanian pianist and composer, George, d. in Paris, 1955 ENESCU
Long flowing garments ROBES
Muslim ruler SULTAN
Né/née BORN
Pale colour — buy elks (anag) SKYBLUE
Plaintive wolf cry HOWL
Preparation for bringing someone round SMELLINGSALTS
Refunds — discounts REBATES
Senior minister without portfolio, usually Leader of the House of Commons or Lords LORDPRIVYSEAL
Viral infection (abbr) FLU