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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,045 – Jul 26 2018

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Clues Answers
(Person talking) nonsense — a Lettish berk (anag) BLATHERSKITE
Additional dose that makes sure the first was effective BOOSTER
Be next to — share a boundary ABUT
Essential qualities or characteristics NATURE
Extracts metal by heating SMELTS
Four bottles of wine in one JEROBOAM
Hawaiian greeting ALOHA
Internal photo XRAY
Letters served in liquid ALPHABETSOUP
Lifting tool JACK
Line dance? CONGA
Clues Answers
Monstrous and dangerous humanoid FRANKENSTEIN
Musical work OPUS
Promotional statement on a book’s dust jacket BLURB
Publicity for project or product (abbr) PROMO
Reject as a candidate for re-election DESELECT
Shamefaced SHEEPISH
Something that provides access ENTREE
Spare time LEISURE
Tobacco powder container SNUFFBOX
Variant of a particular chemical element — ie stoop (anag) ISOTOPE
With hands on hip, elbows out AKIMBO