The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,052 – Aug 3 2018

Clues Answers
(Strike with a) heavy stick CUDGEL
Additional levy SUPERTAX
Asp, perhaps? SNAKE
Aural secretion EARWAX
Boarding school bedroom (abbr) DORM
Covering against sun or rain CANOPY
Distance measured in imperial units YARDAGE
Extensive landed property ESTATE
Hilarious — extraordinarily precious PRICELESS
Independent Pyrenean state ANDORRA
Initial — action before the main event PRELIMINARY
Jumping toy POGOSTICK
Clues Answers
Liberate(d) FREE
Longest line of latitude EQUATOR
Non-existent location NOWHERE
Operated by hand MANUAL
Personage BIGWIG
Rapidity SPEED
Soft and pleasant to sit on COMFY
Tall and thin LANKY
Undo (a shoe?) UNBUCKLE
Very high quality (2.4) DELUXE
Vigorous towelling RUBDOWN

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