The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,057 – Aug 9 2018

Clues Answers
Approach slowly and imperceptibly CREEPUPON
Art movement pioneered by Braque and Picasso before 1914 CUBISM
Beyond criticism ABOVEREPROACH
Country joining the European Union in 2004 POLAND
Deadly epidemic PLAGUE
Draws breath sharply GASPS
Element used in electronic circuits SILICON
Exhibition DISPLAY
Filthy money? LUCRE
Fossil fuel COAL
Give assistance in time of difficulty SUCCOUR
Haranguing — horizontal bar on supports RAILING
Clues Answers
Healing drink POTION
Histrionic incident SCENE
Mediocre AVERAGE
Mrs Mopp CHAR
Nocturnal raptor BARNOWL
Philistine giant slain by David GOLIATH
Repellent HORRID
Rowdy scuffle BRAWL
Self-inflicted harm OWNGOAL
Signs on ENROLS
Sweet smell — clone deer (anag) REDOLENCE
Triangular part of a wall supporting a ridged roof GABLE

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