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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,058 – Aug 10 2018

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Clues Answers
Attack with machine guns or cannon from a low-flying plane STRAFE
Author of the Aeneid, d. 19 BC VIRGIL
Blue pigment originally made from lapis lazuli ULTRAMARINE
Bulky piece of wood LOG
Came down with a bump CRASHLANDED
Existing as an essential constituent INBUILT
Filled with wadding PADDED
Honorary title SIR
Intermediary MIDDLEMAN
Latin American dance RUMBA
Clues Answers
Longing for something past — at closing (anag) NOSTALGIC
Make an unpowered flight GLIDE
Most interesting part HIGHLIGHT
One’s range of knowledge KEN
Powerful MIGHTY
Revolving part of a machine ROTOR
Showing no regret for one’s sins UNREPENTANT
Sources of danger — shatter (anag) THREATS
Specialist in the treatment of feet CHIROPODIST
Suffering a difficult situation INAPICKLE
Total SUM
What the breadwinner brings home? BACON