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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,077 – Sep 2 2018

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Clues Answers
(Scottish or Irish) fool EEJIT
American athlete __ Scottish soldier JOCK
Baffles __ projecting remnants STUMPS
Bear of very little brain WINNIETHEPOOH
Hair dye HENNA
Idle wanderer VAGABOND
Islamic fast RAMADAN
Kent seaside resort MARGATE
Lab vessel RETORT
Make impure ADULTERATE
Old MacDonald’s establishment FARM
One getting medical care PATIENT
Payment (for service rendered) RECOMPENSE
Porcine sound OINK
Pretending to be someone else IMPERSONATION
Put into words EXPRESS
Remorseful PENITENT
Respiratory organ LUNG
Sparkling wine from Italy PROSECCO
Wooden-soled shoes CLOGS
__ Mansell, 1992 F1 champion NIGEL