The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,088 – Sep 14 2018

Clues Answers
Commotion TUMULT
Courageously BOLDLY
Fielding position MIDOFF
French novelist, author of Gigi, d. 1954 COLETTE
Keep the lid on CONTAIN
Latin American ballroom dance PASODOBLE
Live in OCCUPY
Long thin cigar PANATELLA
Loud utterance YELL
Northern region of ancient Israel GALILEE
Not indoors OUTSIDE
Perfectly delightful IDYLLIC
Riboflavin, for example VITAMIN
Roaring cats LIONS
Secure (anag) – deliverance RESCUE
Sheriff’s officer TIPSTAFF
Skating venues RINKS
Someone standing in temporarily for another of the same profession LOCUM
Somerset cathedral city WELLS
Soviet dictator, d. 1953 STALIN
Swallowed DOWNED
Thin layer of gold leaf or paint GILT
Unexpected and inconvenient UNTOWARD

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