The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,091 – Sep 18 2018

Clues Answers
Apply friction to RUB
Bitter in taste __ harsh in tone ACERBIC
Culinary herb of the mint family THYME
Delight in the troubles of others SCHADENFREUDE
Female personification of Britain BRITANNIA
Freezing ICY
Got up ROSE
Illustrative printed designs WOODCUTS
Lacking any creativity UNIMAGINATIVE
Number of degrees in a right angle NINETY
Option of taking what’s on offer or getting nothing at all HOBSONSCHOICE
Ornamental outdoor basin __ bad birth (anag) BIRDBATH
Overwhelming electoral victory LANDSLIDE
Plant fibre used as fodder STRAW
Powdery starch from a palm SAGO
Private in the Royal Artillery GUNNER
Quarter of a circle QUADRANT
Region of France, once annexed by Prussia ALSACE
Reverberate ECHO
Shakespeare? BARD
Somerset dairy product CHEDDARCHEESE
Tasty titbit DELICACY

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