The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,092 – Sep 19 2018

Clues Answers
Asian country, capital and mega-port SINGAPORE
Berkshire public school ETON
Blasphemous language PROFANITY
Cricket pitch marking CREASE
Crotchet or minim, say? NOTE
Divorce capital of Nevada RENO
Drones and workers BEES
Endowed with talent GIFTED
Fast car (or driver) SPEEDSTER
Got furious FUMED
Hanging fold of skin on a person’s neck DEWLAP
Italian-American gangster, d. 1947 CAPONE
Lump __ sexy man HUNK
Main topic of attention FOCUS
Malaysian or Indonesian dish of grilled food with peanut sauce SATAY
Move stealthily TIPTOE
Mumbled expression of malcontent MURMUR
Propel oneself in water SWIM
Roman leader of 100 soldiers CENTURION
Run down DECRY
Semi-precious gemstone __ tired old horse JADE
Side street much used by cars in rush hours RATRUN
Simple, non-flowering, aquatic plant ALGA
Strong artificial sweetener __ same apart (anag) ASPARTAME
Theatrical props handler STAGEHAND
Twisting force TORQUE

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