The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,094 – Sep 21 2018

Clues Answers
Arrest CATCH
Beasts of burden PACKANIMALS
Closely ranked crowd of people PHALANX
Common European and Asian hoofed grazing animals REDDEER
Condiment made by grinding dried unripe berries together with their husks BLACKPEPPER
Decomposition ROT
Experiencing nausea when being driven CARSICK
Fantastic but vain hope DREAM
Ghanaian capital ACCRA
Large and important church CATHEDRAL
Made a sound like a horse NEIGHED
Make different ALTER
Muslim religious festival EID
Public space serving scones and cream etc TEAGARDEN
Put behind bars INCARCERATE
Stringed instruments GRANDPIANOS
Swagger PRANCE
Take something without the owner’s consent ROB
Tartan cloths PLAIDS
Unusual and interesting EXOTIC
Watering hole SPA

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