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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,095 – Sep 23 2018

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Clues Answers
Black marketeer SPIV
Book of texts for the Catholic Mass MISSAL
Bro or sis SIBLING
Course set towards a selected point VECTOR
Formerly Abyssinia ETHIOPIA
Frogs and toads AMPHIBIA
Great destruction HAVOC
Hosiery material NYLON
Infection of the eyelid STYE
Lava source VOLCANO
Metal that rusts IRON
Narrow down TAPER
Radiation measurer GEIGERCOUNTER
Relating to sight OPTICAL
Slave to clothes labels FASHIONVICTIM
Sorcery skill WITCHCRAFT
Spirit traditionally made from fermented grains or potatoes VODKA
Type of crossword CRYPTIC
Was economical with the truth LIED
Where traffic is squeezed BOTTLENECK
Youth of the ’50s and ’60s wearing Edwardian-style clothes TEDDYBOY