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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,103 – Oct 2 2018

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Clues Answers
Arrogant gait SWAGGER
Black bird ROOK
Chamber for entertaining guests DRAWINGROOM
Divest STRIP
Eye tooth FANG
Fighting on horseback in a tournament JOUSTING
Fungus that discharges a cloud of spores when mature PUFFBALL
Idiot __ leaked chunk (anag) KNUCKLEHEAD
Lurch REEL
Male hairdresser COIFFEUR
Metal in thermometer or barometer MERCURY
Piece of cloth for wiping eyes, nose etc HANKY
Pleased with oneself SMUG
Pool to be won KITTY
Provocation AGGRO
Success in a contest VICTORY
Suffer when too hot SWELTER
Tipper lorry DUMPERTRUCK