The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,104 – Oct 3 2018

Clues Answers
(Of an engine) made more powerful SOUPEDUP
Abound TEEM
Andean bird CONDOR
Be missing (or stolen) GOWALKIES
Biographical film BIOPIC
Byname __ Boers quit (anag) SOBRIQUET
Ceremonial elegance and splendour POMP
Constellation __ lecher GOAT
Converted stables MEWS
Horse-drawn carriage with two seats and a folding hood CABRIOLET
In high spirits FRISKY
More devious SHIFTIER
Muscle that bends a joint FLEXOR
Restorative drink BRACER
Seats (that can be electric or musical) CHAIRS
Short-distance attempt to reach the green CHIPSHOT
Sleep inducing SOPORIFIC
Stroke of bad luck MISHAP
Wriggle with embarrassment SQUIRM

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