The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,107 – Oct 7 2018

Clues Answers
Altogether WHOLLY
Country ruled by Cleopatra EGYPT
Deduce INFER
Exhausted WORNOUT
Italian brandy GRAPPA
Large ray MANTA
Lower in status DEMEAN
Message received and understood! ROGER
Move up __ market PROMOTE
Nod once (anag) __ make allowances for CONDONE
One looking after a golf course GREENKEEPER
One of the Brontë sisters EMILY
Painkilling (medicine) ANODYNE
Part exchange TRADEIN
Period of years DECADE
Pragmatic person REALIST
Property ASSETS
Ready (anag) __ pet DEARY
Renewal of an interest REAWAKENING
Request earnestly ENTREAT
Requisite NEEDFUL
Tempestuous STORMY
Twelve dozen GROSS
Undergo genetic change MUTATE
Upper leg THIGH
Watercourse STREAM

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