The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,111 – Oct 11 2018

Clues Answers
Attack with missiles BOMBARD
Be impatient for time to pass COUNTTHEHOURS
Catnap DOZE
Copy __ reach equality with EMULATE
Decisive moment CRISIS
Decorate ADORN
Elected CHOSEN
First capital of Australia (1901-27) MELBOURNE
Greek goddess of the hunt ARTEMIS
Hang __ Glenda (anag) DANGLE
Large oval tropical fruit MANGO
Legislator __ treason (anag) SENATOR
Object’s longest dimension LENGTH
One more ANOTHER
Origin __ see sign (anag) GENESIS
Play for time STALL
Quick __ reckless HASTY
Return on investment YIELD
Salutations GREETINGS
Sartre (anag) __ most uncommon RAREST
Special aptitude GIFT
Strong lightweight wood BALSA
Struggled in a confused way TUSSLED
Yellow viscous oil from animals __ in on all (anag) LANOLIN

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