The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,125 – Oct 29 2018

Clues Answers
Big Band dance music SWING
Bolshoi Ballet base MOSCOW
Bullion bar INGOT
Capital of Armenia YEREVAN
Chirping insect CICADA
Coolness and composure under strain POISE
Forcibly removed from office DEPOSED
Identical copy CLONE
Immortal UNDYING
Job opportunity OPENING
Minor __ snub SLIGHT
Mobile home CARAVAN
One’s entire self BODYANDSOUL
Parts of a poem VERSES
Person born between 23 October and 22 November? SCORPIO
Places of interest for tourists SIGHTS
Requisition ORDER
Sartre (anag) __ check ARREST
Scandalise APPAL
Ventured DARED
Vichyssoise ingredient LEEKS
Walking through shallow water WADING
Wander __ wind about MEANDER
Weed on a moon (anag) __ early spring-flowering plant WOODANEMONE

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