The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,128 – Nov 1 2018

Clues Answers
19th-century prime minister GLADSTONE
Abase oneself GROVEL
Accommodation for prisoners CELLS
Adhere CLING
Countless UNTOLD
Exaggerated OVERBLOWN
Favour not available to all PRIVILEGE
Government by one person with absolute power AUTOCRACY
Inclined walkway RAMP
Medical practitioner PHYSICIAN
Moderately cold COOL
Not hilly FLAT
Old four-pence coin GROAT
On the go ACTIVE
Oral exam VIVA
Pacified CALMED
Pleasure trip OUTING
Set aside SAVE
South-west African country, capital Luanda ANGOLA
Spoiled MARRED
Spoken or written declaration STATEMENT
Stringed instrument HARP
Talent seeker SCOUT
The Ugly Duckling’s outcome SWAN
US coin CENT
Wall paintings MURALS

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