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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,142 – Nov 17 2018

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Clues Answers
Channel running along the eaves of a building GUTTER
Curved structure ARCH
Departure GOING
Edges RIMS
Hearsay RUMOUR
Hospital doctor REGISTRAR
Industrial centre of the Ruhr ESSEN
Intense sorrow GRIEF
Japanese art of flower-arranging IKEBANA
Joyless SOMBRE
Large venomous Australian spider FUNNELWEB
Medium-sized, blackish aquatic bird with long toes MOORHEN
Not enough to satisfy demand SCARCE
Occasionally ATTIMES
Person in conflict with Roman Catholic dogma HERETIC
Pickpocket __ set up cru (anag) CUTPURSE
Published reminiscences MEMOIRS
Rectangular two-dimensional figure OBLONG
Residential districts of town SUBURBS
Reversal of direction UTURN
Right to vote SUFFRAGE
Royal residence in Norfolk SANDRINGHAM
Simple calculating device ABACUS
Soundless SILENT