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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,144 – Nov 20 2018

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Clues Answers
Adult insect IMAGO
Australian state capital HOBART
Baked beans container? TINCAN
Blood sausage BLACKPUDDING
Chunnel service EUROSTAR
Clamour NOISE
Device producing an intense beam of light or radiation LASER
Dictatorial DESPOTIC
Duration of existence LIFETIME
Entrails __ CIS rave (anag) VISCERA
Film on teeth that encourages caries PLAQUE
Huge figure ZILLION
Irresistible __ huge OVERWHELMING
Musical symbol indicating pitch CLEF
New York port on the St Lawrence Seaway BUFFALO
Ornamental design made of wood or metal strips FRETWORK
Percussion instrument __ eg pink cellos (anag) GLOCKENSPIEL
Prescribed share of work STINT
Seldom seen RARE
Silly little mistake SLIP
Small Scottish island INCH
Strong, well-built woman AMAZON
Upsettingly emotional GUTWRENCHING
Very silly IDIOTIC