The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,147 – Nov 23 2018

Clues Answers
Air force officer WINGCOMMANDER
Carry out EXECUTE
Coastal area between Cannes and Italy RIVIERA
Colour of the rainbow INDIGO
Develop EVOLVE
Disreputable SEEDY
Expression of surprise STREWTH
Greek giant with a hundred eyes ARGUS
Have a negative effect (on) IMPINGE
Lightly grilled BROWNED
Like Montezuma? AZTEC
More grubby DIRTIER
Objectionable OBNOXIOUS
Official language of Pakistan URDU
Payment for the right to use someone else’s property ROYALTY
Piquancy ZEST
Reddish brown __ ie sap (anag) SEPIA
Residential urban district SUBURB
Smart place to live (abbr) DESRES
That’s disappointing! OHDEAR
Thin porridge GRUEL
Thought through in advance PLANNED
Traditional Sunday joint? ROAST
Vapour bath __ more atoms (anag) STEAMROOM

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