The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,148 – Nov 24 2018

Clues Answers
Arm of the Atlantic bordering western Europe BAYOFBISCAY
Circular floral head decoration CORONET
Compete VIE
Controlling device REGULATOR
Dec’s long-time partner ANT
Divulge information about someone’s secret or criminal activity SPLITON
Faithful LOYAL
Field event __ value plot (anag) POLEVAULT
Increases UPS
Israeli city TELAVIV
Large pot for making tea URN
List of items present INVENTORY
Maximum UTMOST
Nickname of the Great Bell of the Palace of Westminster BIGBEN
Not indulging appetite for food or drink ABSTINENT
Participant in a competition involving seven track and field events HEPTATHLETE
Private instructor TUTOR
Release from a restraint UNCLIP
Stick or pin used in spinning SPINDLE
Surface made with irregular pieces of stone CRAZYPAVING
West Hollywood entertainment thoroughfare SUNSETSTRIP
Yellow quartz used for gemstones TOPAZ

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