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The Guardian – Quick crossword No 15,189 – January 12 2019

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Clues Answers
Average MEAN
Brains __ news INTELLIGENCE
Camp out BIVOUAC
Corrupt males (anag) __ French author MARCELPROUST
Crave something belonging to someone else COVET
Diminished REDUCED
Eight-legged creature SPIDER
Electronic detection system RADAR
Erroneous belief DELUSION
Geometrician of the 3rd century BC EUCLID
Groups of connected pages on the World Wide Web WEBSITES
Hair styling device CURLINGTONGS
Hot chilli pepper __ connects both (anag) SCOTCHBONNET
Ingenuous NAIVE
Japanese religion SHINTO
Male deer HART
Measure of noise intensity DECIBEL
Members of a male religious order BRETHREN
More unpleasant NASTIER
Relating to a densely populated area URBAN
Termination ENDING
Texas city linked to a 1993 siege and massacre WACO
Was contrite about RUED